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The Awkward Teenage Dog-Years – Ottawa Pet Photographer

A couple of months ago, I introduced you to our new puppy Rio (check out the blog here). I’m so glad I captured those first days with us because dogs grow up even faster than humans! Rio is now 4 months and looking like a gangly, awkward teenager in desperate need for a haircut. He is getting one today, his first, so I thought I’d capture the before and compare with the first session I did with him. I no longer have my Algonquin intern so I used a tripod and my 5 year old son to press the shutter. Let’s just say I’m really glad there is no behind the scenes video of what it took to get these 2 shots. 😛 Of course, it was worth it!

PPOC Maternity Accreditation

I’m thrilled to announce that I am now nationally accredited in Maternity Photography by the Professional Photographers of Canada. As you can see, I included some lifestyle, natural light work as well as studio work and a fine art piece in my submission to showcase my range and what I can offer a client. Thank you to all the women and couples who trusted me to capture this special time and who helped me achieve this recognition. Pregnancy is such an amazing time in a woman’s life and though for some it can be a difficult road either to get there or to go through it, the fact that you end up creating a beautiful life that will share this planet with us, is a miracle worth celebrating.

In honour of my accreditation, I am offering a bonus of 24 birth announcements if you purchase my belly + baby package before the end of April. There is no expiry date on the when the sessions can be booked so even if you aren’t far along, take advantage of this great deal!

P.S. This makes a great shower gift! 🙂

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